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My Next Chapter at Cerner

If you are more fortunate than others, it is better to build a longer table than a higher fence.

– Unknown

Due to graduation and my recent move, I haven’t had much time to think about the topics I usually like to post about.  Entrepreneurship is hard to do when you’re trying to move all of your family’s stuff, then realize that your new place looks totally empty.  I guess that’s the joy of going from 700 square feet to a human-family-sized home.

Me In a Normal-Sized Living Space

For those who follow me (thanks for reading!) you know that I have written about how proud I am of my wife for getting into medical school.  That medical school is specifically the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk) and we were on our way to relocating in Kansas City.  After Booth, I was intent on pursuing my startup… until I made the painful decision to learn hard lessons instead of waste other people’s money.  So, looking to my next thing I tried to ask myself: how can I do that but be supportive of my family?

So, to avoid burying the lead: I took a job at Cerner.  Cerner has this incredible program (modeled after the famed GE “Green Beret” training) that allows recent MBA graduates to flex their skills (or improve their lack thereof) across multiple business areas.  I felt that this was the perfect mix of “intrapreneurship” and stability.  In these types of experiences, at the same time that you get to be around amazing, creative people, you get to grow your family and continue learning day-to-day.

Cerner offered me an interesting opportunity at a crazy fast-growing company in an industry totally different than I had ever done before.  Healthcare IT would seem like software, but given the intricacies of healthcare, the payer model, physician satisfaction, and much much more, there is a ton to ramp up on.

So I’ll keep this short and sweet: I’m obviously super excited! If you are in healthcare, IT, Kansas City, or just want to reconnect you know how to find me.  I am doing my best to learn fast, but always can use a helping hand.

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